To partner with parents in preparing students for a lifelong pursuit of learning through classical methodology and joyful discovery; developing depth of character, wisdom, and a desire to engage their world for the glory of God.
Charis Classical Academy combines four distinct elements:

1. Gospel-centered worldview
2. Classical curriculum
3. Collaborative Learning
4. Cultivation of joyful discovery

We strongly believe that these characteristics work in tandem to educate the whole child: mind, heart, and soul, so they will live out what they learn for the benefit of their generation to the glory of God.
To inspire each member of our community to live a life empowered by the gospel.

Our Vision for Students: 

  • Desire to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding
  • Develop a God-centered, Biblical worldview
  • Display Christ-honoring character and humility
  • Demonstrate respect and honor for their elders and fellow classmates
  • Learn to communicate persuasively and eloquently
  • Cultivate creativity

Our Vision for Parents: 

  • Assume the responsibilities of the co-teacher for their children in each course of study
  • Live out their role as the most influential spiritual advisor for their children
  • Encourage one another in training children to glorify God

Our Vision for Educators:

  • Display a love for God, a love for children, and a love of learning
  • Demonstrate a passion for classical education and excellence in teaching
  • Assist parents in their role as spiritual and academic mentors
  • Cultivate effective communication skills to motivate and inspire students toward learning
  • Demonstrate Christ-honoring character and humility
  • Serve as a positive role model for students, parents, and the community